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Monday, 30 August 2010

Well, I hit 30

Wave byebye to 30 followers bro's!!

40's next target!!

Also, Someone else posted this in another blog, and I thought it would be helpful and make life easier for everyone. If you find this helpful, spread the word and show some love ;)

Hey everyone, posting another HOW TO, this time on removing that annoying Captcha on your Blog.

While it can be helpful for stopping that random spammer, it does make a difference to your loyal followers who love to comment.

Here's what to do:

1) On your blog's main page, head to "Design". This can be found also while editing a post and other similar tasks.

2) Head to the "Settings" tab then "Comments" as a sub-tab

3) Here you will scroll down to see something like the image above:

"Show word verification for comments"

4) Simply choose "No", and save. From there you will have a Captcha-free Blog!

Hope this HOW TO helps you out with your own blog. Feel free to comment below.

All good stuff!!

Also, check out:

For the original copy :P


  1. Followed! Come check me out

  2. followww

  3. thanks you good sir, you have made my blog a lot better!

  4. #26 checking in again, hope all is well with you. congrats on your upcoming 40

  5. Following and looking at ads.
    Do the same?