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Monday, 6 September 2010

Maths books

Just got reccomended Fermat's Enigma: The Epic Quest to Solve the World's Greatest Mathematical Problem, and my god this book is crazy, it's all about this blokey type who was all: "Lol, Pythag's a n00b troll" And generally proved that X^2 +Y^2 =Z^2 is the only therom that works, X^3 + Y^3 DOESN'T equal Z^3, X^4 +Y^4 DOESN'T equal Z^4, and so on. It ONLY works with Square numbers.
And this guy wrote a ridiculous amount attempting to prove his therom but couldn't write enough so was all: "I could prove this but I haven't got the paper"
And then he died.
Maths world=trolled.
And this was all in the 18th century and shizz.
Then some English mathematician proved it. He wrote > 100 pages of proof. My statistics teacher read the first page. He didn't understand it. That's how hard core this shit is.
My stats teacher worked out that if you have 23 random people then there is a 50/50 chance that 2 of them will share a birthday, thats some hardcore shit right there.

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Fuck I'm tired

It's only half 11 in England and I'm ridicously tired. So tired I'm going to bed soon.
Just wanted to say, thanks for the 104 follows, love you all, want to bake you all cakes, or muffins or cookies or biscuits, or somthing.
But, I can't, I'm too tired, night XD

Wednesday, 1 September 2010

PHEW Part 3 of Charlies grand idea to write a shittonne of...well, shit.


The mission had been successful. One sacrifice had been made, but the mission was complete and they were one step further to winning this war. Charlie eased himself back into his seat on the Pelican and drifted off to sleep. Fives kills, four seconds, he thought. I'm getting sloppy.

Two days had passed since the mission. Charlie had been summoned to General Byson. It was of... utmost importance. As he hurried to the control centre, of the UNSC cruiser,’Reach for the Stars’ , he looked out at the stunning view. The planet ALAN was stunning. His home. Space. A beautiful sight. He walked past a few engineers and that gazed up at him. If only for a moment. It didnt bug him anymore, he was used to it. After all, being a Spartan, he was seven foot tall, and had pale skin, due to being a faggot most of the time. As he entered the giant command deck of the cruiser he saw the General gazing at the stars.

“Sir! Commander Gibson reporting.”

“At ease soldier.” Said the General. He had a an calm, voice but very professional. A true soldier thought Charlie. “ I have read your report, and I am impressed. Especially, the part involving... B16. Very impressive I-” The doors slid open again and Ben walked in. His foot steps echoed across the giant space.

“Sir! Gunnery Sergeant Mawdsley reporting.”

“At ease, as I was saying” continued the General, “I was most impressed by your skills. Both of you. B16, I have been given permission to promote you to the rank of Lieutenant. Wear it well soldier.”

“Thank you Sir.” Although his face remained straight, Charlie could detect the happiness Ben felt. Finally, he was being recognised.

“Also, I have a... another announcement. You two have been chosen for a very special operation.”

“Sir?” Asked Charlie

“You will b forming the first ever Spartan special operations Team. You and B16”.

Outside, a star seemed to shine brighter.

Part two of Charlies faggot shit

Enclycopedia and I have only added bits into this "novel" where it would be lulzy. For instance where heavier homoerotic connetations could be infered. HOWEVER, 99% of this is written by Charlie. All his spelling and grammatical mistakes have been left in place and all his faggotry has been preserved


His team close behind, Charlie began his search. They followed another greasy track, with wires, and loose stones of gravel clicking beneath their heavy armour. As they went on, they entered a large tunnel like area. Pipes spread across the ceiling and mucky walls surrounding them. They continued there, search until they reach an entrance deeper into the base. He stopped his team and split them in half. Ben had got his wish. Charlie and Ben would enter the ‘base’ further, while the others continued following the dirt track. As they separated, Ben said

“Well. Aren't I the lucky one” a hint of humour in his voice. Charlie grinned. As they delved deeper and deeper into the base, there was still no sign of ‘life’. They had reached a large, square room, with an upper level and painted red lines, across the walls. A shotgun lay in a nearby corner. A bubble shield conveniently placed next to it. Charlie picked them up and glanced back at Ben.

“Just in case. You know I love to get up close and personal” Charlie purred, Ben nodded and Charlie could tell he was grinning beneath his helmet. Suddenly a buzz of static filled Charlie's helmet.

“, rebels.... in....” there was a sound of a stuttering assault rifle and the comm went dead. Charlie looked at Ben. Before he could tell him otherwise Ben had rushed off to find the others. Fool! Ben had always been rash and didn't always think about his decisions also he was ugly as fuck. He knew Ben would be OK. So, he turned on his heel and continued. He worked better alone anyway like the lone wolf everyone knew he was. He continued walking. The light started to fade here, and Charlie noticed the temperature readings on his display and decreased. He could hear sound. Voices. Up ahead. He crouched and ,slowly, moved towards the source of noise. He looked round a doorway and saw a large room filled with computer monitors. Five men also stood in the room. They were wearing Mincy armour. Spartan armour. He was confused. Spartans in a rebel base? He pushed the thought out of his mind, and made a mental note to report this to command. He slowly entered the room and remained in the shadows. He overhead a conversation.

“Three of them. We found them in Sector B, near the drainage pipes.”

“Hmm. Stevens should have been searching there. Fool. I imagine he believed it was a 'useless' recon mission.”

One of them was wielding a gravity hammer. One a shotgun. And the other three held assault rifles. Charlie, viewed the odds. Five to one. Perfect. He waited for one to pass him before initiating his attack. He jumped behind the man, and pushed the shotguns barrel right into their back and gently squeezed the trigger. A loud boom filled the room and the man dropped to the floor. A pile of blood and bones. In one swift moment, Charlie turned in one swift motion and shot gunned a nearby opponent. Two down. He saw two more charging towards him assault rifles firing. His shields took the brunt of the damage. And he threw a well placed grenade between them. They flew into the air. Dead. Before he could breath, the man wielding the gravity hammer lunged for Charlie. Charlie deployed the bubbled shield just in time. His own shields depleted he charged towards his foe and suck the butt of his shotgun right into their spine. Charlie heard something crack, probably his spine… and the man dropped to the floor spine broken. He checked his clock. Four seconds, five enemies killed. Not bad, but it had been close. He ran towards the computers and inserted an infiltration program into the system. Every single piece of information in the system was quickly,downloaded and Charlie placed the program back into his helmet. He turned and ran back the way he had come. Hoping that his team were OK. That Ben was Ok.

Ben limped out his cover towards his team. The lieutenant and sergeant were fine. But the private. He had suffered a hole through his chest. Well, what remained of him had. One of the rebels had fired a rocket right at the poor soul. Blown to pieces. Spartan J13. Joe. Ben had known him. He sighed showing no remorse and continued to survey the battle field. Ten rebel soldiers lay on beaten ground. Blood, covered the entire area. They thing that bugged Ben however was the fact the soldiers had been wearing Mincy amour. Spartan armour. He would tell Charlie once they were re-united. He would know, surely. He turned around to find his friend sprinting towards him. Charlie armour also had some some blood on it. Ben decided not to ask.

“What the hell happened?” Asked Charlie.

“Well funny you should ask it would seem that they were lying in wait like the cowardly faggots they are... were. Ten of them as you can see. They took the others by surprise, poor Joe was blown to pieces, as you can see.” Ben glanced once more to what remained. The Lieutenant appeared next to Ben.

“Sir.” Said the Lieutenant, “I must say, without the help of B16 here, we would not have survived, he killed at least 6 of them and saved me from a fatal blast.” Charlie looked at Ben.

“Well. This will be noted, and I will make sure to... cover it in my report”.

“Thank you Sir.” And the lieutenant walked to his fallen comrade. Charlie grinned. This was perfect. Ben had finally proved himself. Surely he would get promoted. He called in his team and called for evac.

This is part 1 of a story that a friend of mine called charlie wrote. He's a massive halo fan. Me and my friend Enclycopedia decided to well...change it around slightly

This is not (all) my work, it is a modified verson of some fanfiction a friend of mine wrote.
I'm now ripping the shit outta him for it.

Day One: The day of Selection

2525 26th August

The sun was shining down on the greasy track of the rebel outpost. Rats nest. A damaged Pelican drop ship, sat in the distance in a repair bay, the sunlight glinting off of it's tarnished, titanium hide. The rebel scout, drove down the greasy track and gazed up into the sky. Sitting on his mongoose, his head swam with negative thoughts. Why was he being sent on a patrol, at this time of day... in a base that no UNSC forces even knew existed. He sighed thoughtfully, thinking of his love back on his home planet. Was Sarah safe? He could only hope. Under his bulky armour, he started through his visor and thought he could see a speck in the distance. Even with his enhanced, Spartan vision he could not make it out. He sighed once more. “Only a bird” he reassured himself. He pulled the throttle on the mongoose and continued on his, pointless, patrol?

The UNSC Pelican, Service number 007168 flew silently on it's course. A rebel outpost had been recently discovered and a team of five Spartans had been assigned to garner any information form the outpost. Intelligence said that the base was reasonably weak, and had very little defences. It was believed that the rebel forces were unaware that the UNSC had discovered it's location. Perfect. As the Pelican flew, the grey clouds slowly parted and a dazzling sun appeared. Beautiful, thought, Jerry, Pilot of the Pelican. His baby, as he called it. It had been a while, since he had seen the sun, and it was welcomed with much joy. He slowed the Pelican to a hover and initiated the sensors. He flicked a few switches and waited for the scans to take place. Behind him, his cargo sat. Silent. Not moving. Ominous. They were Spartans. Humans apparently, but nobody in the Marine Corps really believed what lay beneath all that shiny, shielded metal. Oh he'd heard stories all right. But he had never seen a real live Spartan in his ten year long career. Now here he was, five of them sitting right behind him. He felt slightly unnerved by their presence. None the less, they were heroes, and had saved millions of lives. He fumbled in his pocket, pulled out a stick of gum and began to chew. It calmed his nerves. He sat back into his chair and awaited the scans results. He was scanning for any signs of rebel life, before they descended into the supposed position of the base. As he waited, he felt a heavy hand grasp his shoulder. He turned to face a Spartan, a Commander he believed, staring right into the visor. Wearing his helmet, the Spartan looked emotionless, expressionless. Unnerving.

“How much further Corporal?” Asked the Spartan. Jerry thought the Spartans helmet made it's wearer look slightly like a fly. A very tall, dangerous fly. But a fly none the less.

“Just running scans sir, as soon as the results come in, we'll be ready to descend” answered Jerry. Without a word, the Spartan returned to his seat, picked up his battle rifle and began loading in a fresh magazine. The other Spartans followed suit. So he must be the Commander, thought Jerry. Commander Gibson. Jerry had heard a lot about him. Lone wolf they said. But a brilliant leader, and easily able to fit into a team. As Jerry returned to his the monitors, he allowed himself a slight grin. He was sitting with Spartans. How his friends would be jealous. Suddenly, a beeping sounded and the results were… in. Jerry brought the results onto the screen and studied them. One damaged pelican, out of order, and one life form, using a light transportation by the looks of things. As he studied the results the life form drove away out of range. The scans indicated that, the life form, a rebel scout, had spotted Jerry and his cargo, but had thought of it as nothing. Bad move, thought Jerry. He closed the results and started the Pelicans descent onto the rebel outpost.

Charlie, studied his weapon. A beautiful creation, built for a deadly purpose. A purpose he had been trained to serve. He glanced around at his team. Four soldiers. Four Spartans. Four brothers. Four lovers. A Captain, a private, a sergeant, and a gunnery sergeant. He sighed. A mismatch team, but they were Spartans. He glanced at the gunnery sergeant. His friend Ben. His, special friend. They had trained together form day one. Since the age of six, they had trained together, to become what they were today. Although, Charlie had progressed much further in rank and faggotry than Ben, they remained close and almost always ‘accompanied’ each other on ‘missions’. Although Ben was fast, strong and had quick reaction times, being held in his loving grasp made Charlie feel safe, and warm. They had great chemistry together. Only one thing bothered him. The damn helmet that idiot wore. EVA. He was just asking to be sniped. They had joked about the matter before, but Ben merely said it was better, as he had to dodge the bullet, and that, apparently, added more, challenge. As the Pelican slowly finished it is descent, Charlie assembled his team. He spoke to his team over the private comm channel they shared between their helmets.

“Right, I want a quick, clean operation. We need to gather any intelligence we can and eliminate any foes. Understand?” Four green acknowledgement lights winked on his helmets display. Good. Ben opened a private channel between them and said:

“So what we doing? Me and you take the glory” He allowed a slight laugh.

“No. You will do as your told.” He paused. “Faggit!” added for good measure. As the pelican slowed, the marine pilot turned and informed them that he would be waiting near the broken pelican, and would be prepared for evac. Charlie gave the marine a reassuring nod, as the they chewed their gum. Charlie turned, faced the pelicans drop pad and marched into the rebel base.




I'd liek to thank my mum and dad for helping me get here and my sister for being a constant source of antagonism and my brother for being a massive faggot and me other sister for also being a constant source of antagonism AND a massive faggot and my half brother jimmy for half being here and my quarter sister Kelly just for surviving, even after we got the pitbull.

Today I trolled my friend

So, earlier today, my friend, lets call him...dickhead, wanted to frape (Facebook-rape) another of my friends... Mags. Now dickhead went on her (Mags) facebook account and started pretending to be her.

MEANWHILE: at my friend...Enclycopedia Dramatica's house where were were hanging out a message appeared on his FB profile, it was Mags (being fraped by dickhead). Now ED didn't know what to say, as the message from "Mags" ; ) said that another of our friends: Scottish flower, was madly in love with ED and that she: "Wanted to get to know him better"

Now Mags texted ED and told him that she was fraped and that it was really dickhead sending the messages. So, myself and ED formulated a plan so devilishly amazing it would make the A-Team blush.
We then went on to tell Dickhead that Scottish flower really loved HIM, and that we heard it from another friend, she-who-shall-not-be-named (Because I can't think of anything funny to call her).

So, together myself and ED made Dickhead really beleive that Scottish Flower loved him and that she wanted his babies. Although at the same time, we used the thinly veiled discuise of: "Lol, she thinks your hair looks wierd tho" and "And your irises are different sizes." And "You have heterochromia" to insult him. And at the end off all this. Dickhead started talking to Scottish flower out of the blue, for no reason.

Fun day, good times!!!

Tuesday, 31 August 2010


I luled.

Straight up belly laugh.

I love ED, it's the one stop shop for all things to do with this brilliant relm known as: The Interwebs

And it's where i got my spy TF2 Macro from :D
Although, the snipers my favourite character XD


Whoop whoop, is the sound of ma success

Well, 40 wasnt too hard, lets try for 50 :P

Also, check out mafia 2

Mafia II (Xbox)

Mafia II (PS3)

Mafia II Collector's Edition (PS3)

Monday, 30 August 2010

Well, I hit 30

Wave byebye to 30 followers bro's!!

40's next target!!

Also, Someone else posted this in another blog, and I thought it would be helpful and make life easier for everyone. If you find this helpful, spread the word and show some love ;)

Hey everyone, posting another HOW TO, this time on removing that annoying Captcha on your Blog.

While it can be helpful for stopping that random spammer, it does make a difference to your loyal followers who love to comment.

Here's what to do:

1) On your blog's main page, head to "Design". This can be found also while editing a post and other similar tasks.

2) Head to the "Settings" tab then "Comments" as a sub-tab

3) Here you will scroll down to see something like the image above:

"Show word verification for comments"

4) Simply choose "No", and save. From there you will have a Captcha-free Blog!

Hope this HOW TO helps you out with your own blog. Feel free to comment below.

All good stuff!!

Also, check out:

For the original copy :P

Has hit 20 followers!!

We're here, so the next stop is......30 followers!!!!

Also, I like penguins, their like little butlers

Nearly 20 followers XD

Well, friends, it's come to that point, I've almost got to the big two-zero.

On my journey through cyber space, to a land called: the mighty blog, i've encountered some mighty adversaries: the lack of spell check, being bored/boring and a getting a new keyboard.

It's been a long, hard travel, and we've lost many a friend, relative, collegue, peer. (Delete as appropriate)
BUT salvation awaits accross those two hills, numbered 18...and 19.

After crossing them we may reach the flat plateau called...having 20 followers...

But seriously, reccomend this blog to your friends and post it's address everywhere or I'll kill you, give you cancer, shoot a dog. Sing a song OUT LOUD


Sunnie's a good friend of mine, but he's also very annoying

He's into universal unitarianism and vegitarian-ness

A Chosen Faith: An Introduction to Unitarian Universalism

Vegetarian Meals For People On-The-Go : 101 Quick & Easy Recipes


Really getting into Muse lately, i reccomend:
The Resistance
Black Holes & Revelations
H.A.A.R.P.: Live from Wembley

And, their best album: Black Holes and Revelations!!

Anyone got any favourite bands/ pieces of music??

Sunday, 29 August 2010

The God Delusion
The God Reality: A Critique of Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion (Wise Choices)
The Deluded Atheist: A Response to Richard Dawkins' The God Delusion
The Good Delusion: An Unethical Response to Richard Dawkins The God Delusion

WOW, just wow, only been on here for about an hour and I've already got some followers!!!

Anyways, just wanted to tell ya that these books are pro! They all provide a reletively balanced argument to Dawkins book: The God delusion, which basically says that some religious people are deluded.
It shows how religion can brainwash and indoctrinate the weak and manipulate them to doing otherwise stupid things.
BUT, it also shows how some people feel religion can help and heal. Although the science behind miricles and the like is under constant scrutiny you cannot fault the placebo effect (possibally) created.

Dawkins is like Dickins+ Hawkins+ Darwin.

And the last guys name, it's made of win.

Anyways, enough of that, just wanted to ask if any of you are Religious or not, as for me, I'm an Athiest.

Also, Everyone should start using amazon associates, it generates money based on people buying things that you've tagged in your posts.


Just started making a blog, no idea why or what to write about!
I'm very bored though, it's the summer holidays so that means either: A, I'm at home chilling out, B, I'm at someone elses house, chilling out, or, C, I'm in a local town/city...chillin out. :P

Had a wierd thought today, I like clouds, their like big fluffy sheep. Sky sheep.