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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

This is part 1 of a story that a friend of mine called charlie wrote. He's a massive halo fan. Me and my friend Enclycopedia decided to well...change it around slightly

This is not (all) my work, it is a modified verson of some fanfiction a friend of mine wrote.
I'm now ripping the shit outta him for it.

Day One: The day of Selection

2525 26th August

The sun was shining down on the greasy track of the rebel outpost. Rats nest. A damaged Pelican drop ship, sat in the distance in a repair bay, the sunlight glinting off of it's tarnished, titanium hide. The rebel scout, drove down the greasy track and gazed up into the sky. Sitting on his mongoose, his head swam with negative thoughts. Why was he being sent on a patrol, at this time of day... in a base that no UNSC forces even knew existed. He sighed thoughtfully, thinking of his love back on his home planet. Was Sarah safe? He could only hope. Under his bulky armour, he started through his visor and thought he could see a speck in the distance. Even with his enhanced, Spartan vision he could not make it out. He sighed once more. “Only a bird” he reassured himself. He pulled the throttle on the mongoose and continued on his, pointless, patrol?

The UNSC Pelican, Service number 007168 flew silently on it's course. A rebel outpost had been recently discovered and a team of five Spartans had been assigned to garner any information form the outpost. Intelligence said that the base was reasonably weak, and had very little defences. It was believed that the rebel forces were unaware that the UNSC had discovered it's location. Perfect. As the Pelican flew, the grey clouds slowly parted and a dazzling sun appeared. Beautiful, thought, Jerry, Pilot of the Pelican. His baby, as he called it. It had been a while, since he had seen the sun, and it was welcomed with much joy. He slowed the Pelican to a hover and initiated the sensors. He flicked a few switches and waited for the scans to take place. Behind him, his cargo sat. Silent. Not moving. Ominous. They were Spartans. Humans apparently, but nobody in the Marine Corps really believed what lay beneath all that shiny, shielded metal. Oh he'd heard stories all right. But he had never seen a real live Spartan in his ten year long career. Now here he was, five of them sitting right behind him. He felt slightly unnerved by their presence. None the less, they were heroes, and had saved millions of lives. He fumbled in his pocket, pulled out a stick of gum and began to chew. It calmed his nerves. He sat back into his chair and awaited the scans results. He was scanning for any signs of rebel life, before they descended into the supposed position of the base. As he waited, he felt a heavy hand grasp his shoulder. He turned to face a Spartan, a Commander he believed, staring right into the visor. Wearing his helmet, the Spartan looked emotionless, expressionless. Unnerving.

“How much further Corporal?” Asked the Spartan. Jerry thought the Spartans helmet made it's wearer look slightly like a fly. A very tall, dangerous fly. But a fly none the less.

“Just running scans sir, as soon as the results come in, we'll be ready to descend” answered Jerry. Without a word, the Spartan returned to his seat, picked up his battle rifle and began loading in a fresh magazine. The other Spartans followed suit. So he must be the Commander, thought Jerry. Commander Gibson. Jerry had heard a lot about him. Lone wolf they said. But a brilliant leader, and easily able to fit into a team. As Jerry returned to his the monitors, he allowed himself a slight grin. He was sitting with Spartans. How his friends would be jealous. Suddenly, a beeping sounded and the results were… in. Jerry brought the results onto the screen and studied them. One damaged pelican, out of order, and one life form, using a light transportation by the looks of things. As he studied the results the life form drove away out of range. The scans indicated that, the life form, a rebel scout, had spotted Jerry and his cargo, but had thought of it as nothing. Bad move, thought Jerry. He closed the results and started the Pelicans descent onto the rebel outpost.

Charlie, studied his weapon. A beautiful creation, built for a deadly purpose. A purpose he had been trained to serve. He glanced around at his team. Four soldiers. Four Spartans. Four brothers. Four lovers. A Captain, a private, a sergeant, and a gunnery sergeant. He sighed. A mismatch team, but they were Spartans. He glanced at the gunnery sergeant. His friend Ben. His, special friend. They had trained together form day one. Since the age of six, they had trained together, to become what they were today. Although, Charlie had progressed much further in rank and faggotry than Ben, they remained close and almost always ‘accompanied’ each other on ‘missions’. Although Ben was fast, strong and had quick reaction times, being held in his loving grasp made Charlie feel safe, and warm. They had great chemistry together. Only one thing bothered him. The damn helmet that idiot wore. EVA. He was just asking to be sniped. They had joked about the matter before, but Ben merely said it was better, as he had to dodge the bullet, and that, apparently, added more, challenge. As the Pelican slowly finished it is descent, Charlie assembled his team. He spoke to his team over the private comm channel they shared between their helmets.

“Right, I want a quick, clean operation. We need to gather any intelligence we can and eliminate any foes. Understand?” Four green acknowledgement lights winked on his helmets display. Good. Ben opened a private channel between them and said:

“So what we doing? Me and you take the glory” He allowed a slight laugh.

“No. You will do as your told.” He paused. “Faggit!” added for good measure. As the pelican slowed, the marine pilot turned and informed them that he would be waiting near the broken pelican, and would be prepared for evac. Charlie gave the marine a reassuring nod, as the they chewed their gum. Charlie turned, faced the pelicans drop pad and marched into the rebel base.

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