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Wednesday, 1 September 2010

Today I trolled my friend

So, earlier today, my friend, lets call him...dickhead, wanted to frape (Facebook-rape) another of my friends... Mags. Now dickhead went on her (Mags) facebook account and started pretending to be her.

MEANWHILE: at my friend...Enclycopedia Dramatica's house where were were hanging out a message appeared on his FB profile, it was Mags (being fraped by dickhead). Now ED didn't know what to say, as the message from "Mags" ; ) said that another of our friends: Scottish flower, was madly in love with ED and that she: "Wanted to get to know him better"

Now Mags texted ED and told him that she was fraped and that it was really dickhead sending the messages. So, myself and ED formulated a plan so devilishly amazing it would make the A-Team blush.
We then went on to tell Dickhead that Scottish flower really loved HIM, and that we heard it from another friend, she-who-shall-not-be-named (Because I can't think of anything funny to call her).

So, together myself and ED made Dickhead really beleive that Scottish Flower loved him and that she wanted his babies. Although at the same time, we used the thinly veiled discuise of: "Lol, she thinks your hair looks wierd tho" and "And your irises are different sizes." And "You have heterochromia" to insult him. And at the end off all this. Dickhead started talking to Scottish flower out of the blue, for no reason.

Fun day, good times!!!


  1. don't feed the troll :o
    i click on you blog and it seem to be a great on :)

  2. Cheers man, thx for the contribution!!!

  3. Haha, i loled, thanks guys, this was meant as a little in joke between my mate and i!!

  4. bro follow and click my adds plz...i did same to you

  5. HA!! If I were there I would LOL just like that!